How to clean up CFL light bulb breakages

Breakages should be dealt with swiftly to minimize your exposure to the mercury inside CFL lamps.

  • Firstly ventilate the room for approximately 15 minutes and switch off any air conditioning units
  • After the room as ventilated use protective gloves and try to avoid inhaling dust.
  • Pick up as much of the lamp debris as possible and put into a sealable container.
  • Sweep up remaining pieces with minimum dust movement.
  • Use a self adhesive tape to pick up as much of the remaining glass as possible.
  • To clean the affected area use a damp cloth or vacuum, empty the vacuum after.
  • Allow the room to ventilate for as long as possible.
  • Dispose of the broken lamp at your local council recycling center.

    Author: William Chisholm

    William Chisholm, director at Lyon Lighting. Should you have any feedback on the posts please leave a comment or use the contact us page. You can find him on and Twitter.