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When it comes to incredible light fittings Phillips are world leaders. They’re also pioneers in highly affordable, energy efficient LED lights. We have a truly comprehensive range of top quality Phillips Lighting in our collection meaning we have an option for every room in the home at affordable prices.

What Are LEDs?

Light emitting diodes are a highly efficient, long lasting, environmentally friendly and inherently controllable source of light. The structure of an LED light is completely different to that of the light bulb and is based on chip technology. A diode is a device that allows a current to flow in only one direction. The colour of the light in an LED is a result of the materials and processes used to make up the chip.

Using Phillips lighting for LEDs give you a range of advantages over other light sources. The LEDs give you:

  • High levels of brightness and intensity.
  • High efficiency. They are most energy efficient bulbs and they use 90% less energy than traditional incandescent. Therefore they pay for themselves due to the energy savings that they make in just a couple of months.
  • Very reliable – resistant to shock and vibration.
  • No UV rays.
  • Low voltage and current requirements.
  • Long source life. They are claimed to be long lasting and can last for 25-30 years if you use them correctly.

LED lights have been hailed as the future of home lighting and it is very difficult to argue against that when they have so many benefits. They also get bright the instant they are turned on so you don’t have to wait around for ages.

What Can I Buy LED Lighting For?

LEDs versatility is one of their strongest points as you can use them in all manner of places. They can be used in homes, buildings, bridges, retail shops, television studios, casinos, hotels, nightclubs and many more. So whatever your requirements are Phillips Lighting can cater for you.

  • LEDs are specially constructed to release a large number of photons outwards. They are housed in a plastic bulb that concentrates the light in a particular direction. Therefore you need less bulbs than traditional ones as very little light is wasted in directions you don’t want it to go in. again proving to be a very cost effective benefit to LEDs.
  • Our tests have found that LED and halogen bulbs work fine in low temperatures whereas CFLs don’t.

The ranges we provide at Lyon Lighting for Phillips Lighting are MykidsRoom, Massive, SmartSpot, InStyle, EcoMoods, Ledino and Liro. All the ranges of Phillips lighting we provide are uber-stylish yet highly functional sources of light that is of the highest quality.

So to discover the endless possibilities of Phillips Lighting and use LEDs to provide the best quality light source you can. Call us on: 01543 226103 or email us at

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Getting The Most From Your LED Lighting Replacement Project

Led’s are becoming ever increasingly popular due to their wonderful productivity vale and fantastic cost effectiveness and environmental benefits. The advancement of the technology used in LEDs over the last few years has been incredible meaning they are the best choice of lighting appliances out there in many, many ways.

How To Maximise Results From An LED Lighting Replacement Project

By using LED battens you are able to reduce electrical wattage significantly whilst also being able to resemble fluorescents and not negatively affect performance whatsoever. To get the best end product from an LED Lighting replacement come to Lyon Lighting to use our LED battens, where our high quality range will ensure you have the premium lighting for whatever purpose you wish to use them whilst cutting down bills in extremely cost effective fashion.

These steps will enable you plan how to do an LED replacement and therefore allow you to make the most from LED Lighting

  • Illumination survey – Don’t just jump straight into replacing your lights. It is highly advisable to where exactly the changes in lighting are necessary. In your building decipher whether areas are dark compared to the actual need of the area and whether certain areas may be over lit. The survey will determine light levels and will tell you how many LED battens and different types you will require for your project.
  • Replacing of LEDs – You should prioritise your replacement project and replace at first all your least efficient types of lighting and the ones that are use in use for hours on end as they are the most important in the process. If you cannot replace all your lights at once as it isn’t a viable option then this is certainly a good route to go down and will enable the best results in the long term.
  • Light locations – Are your lights in inconvenient places? You can prioritise LED battens in these places and it will save you labour and storage space and extra costs. LEDs can last for 40,000 hours and therefore the frequency and cost of replacing them drops significantly.
  • Save even more with lighting control – They are exceptionally cost effective but LEDs still waste electricity needlessly if they are left on when not in use. You should therefore, consider the use of certain lighting controls, such as occupancy sensors and day lighting, sensors that dim artificial light as sunlight enters a room. It is a viable option to install LED Battens that are able to work full using these control types.


LED Battens From Lyon Lighting

To make sure you and your business property is equipped with the highest quality premium LED lighting from Lyon Lighting and save lots of money to increase profits without affecting any performance. For more information please don’t hesitate to call us today on: 01543 226103 or alternatively email us at

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Sodium (SON) Lumen Wattage Outputs

High pressure sodium (SON) lumen outputs per watt.

Figures are approximate.

  • 50w SON produces 4,400 lm
  • 70w SON produces 6,600 lm
  • 100w SON produces 10,700 lm
  • 150w SON produces 17,500 lm
  • 250w SON produces 33,300 lm
  • 400w SON produces 56,500 lm
  • 600w SON produces 90,000 lm
  • 1000w SON produces 130,000 lm
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