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TP24 Building Regulations

Part L1A of the current UK Building Regulations refers to the Conservation of Fuel and Power in new build properties.

The key parts of these regulations are as follows:

  • Three per four light fittings in the home (75%) need to be energy efficient
  • Energy efficient light fittings should have an efficiency greater than 45 lumens per circuit watt and a total output of greater than 400 lumens
  • Light fittings less than 5 watts are excluded from the count of fittings

All tp24 products comply with current building regulations – a perfect choice for your new home.

This document is the current 2014 Building Regulations document that is approved by the LIA (Lighting Industry Association). Information regarding domestic starts on page 7 is outlined clearly on page 8. The document also contains further links to other helpful information.

With a vast selection of retrofit LED lamps on offer, you don’t have to live in a new build property to ensure your home is energy efficient. Simply find the lamps you need and fit them straight into your existing fittings. It’s as simple as that



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The Endless Possibilities Of Philips LED’s | Philips Lighting

The huge benefits and advancements in LED lighting has led to a surge in the production of them and use in all manner of purposes by Phillips lighting gives you an endless amount of possibilities to make the use of LED lighting which will save you money on costs and enhance the décor of wherever you decide to use them.

Ideas On Where To Use Phillips Lighting

At Lyon lighting the Phillips range we sell can beautifully distinguish offices, enhance the natural essence of outdoor spaces and provide fantastic energy saving solutions to bigger business or properties like hotels. Obviously with so many options that come with LED lighting, they can be fit for purpose in most cases but here are a few examples of adaption’s that we think work particularly well:

  • Retail – The way, in which we shop today, we are looking for an experience and a great way of molding and creating that experience is through lighting whether that is in a small boutique or far larger conglomerates. You can tailor your choice of Phillips lighting to cater for the effect you desire for your shop. You might want to create an intriguing or inviting feel or you may want to go for something more striking to catch customer’s eyes. For a lot of people money is tight these days so the ability to entice and persuade people to buy has never been so important. So stay ahead of the game and increase your profits by implementing the ideas we have suggested here.
    • HotelsPhillips lighting can provide the best quality lighting for hotels but save you lots of money with the energy saving solutions that come with LED’s. Lighting a hotel can be a tricky business; you need lighting 24/7 and be adept to creating a variety of different moods to ensure the guest feels comfortable and welcomed. The fact they offer enormous savings on energy bills is hugely appealing to hotels because it will increase profits. They are also low maintenance to run saving further costs.
    • Offices – Uniformed lighting is a thing of the past and there is an acute awareness now that efficiency can be improved by functional and balanced lighting. Things such as reflections on computer screens can make you tired as the day goes on and as concentration drops so does efficiency. LED lights shine exactly where you want them too so there’s no wasted light going in other directions and therefore takes away the glare on the screen effect. Phillips lighting can also change depending on the time of day due to the technology in LEDs so offices can best suit employees to stimulate performance.
    • Outdoor Spaces – Urban lighting is changing to meet the demands of the 21st century. Enough light to provide visibility and security in town and cities is no longer enough; LEDs are being used far more frequently to create the more nocturnal society we now live in. It’s needed to appear more appealing and redefines our relationships with cities. LEDs illuminate our urban environments in an exciting and practical manner. As they are highly adaptable they give license to designers to create flexible ambiences that are able to change for weather and season. Plus the significant reduction of energy consumption.

    Lyon Lighting – Experts In LED Lighting Solutions

    So to convert your lighting systems into LEDs with Phillips lighting solutions and create a low cost, low energy highly attractive light décor whatever your needs come to Lyon Lighting were we have fantastic options for you. Please don’t hesitate to call us on: 01543 226103 or email us at

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