Why Do Ceiling Fans Need To Be Kept Clean?

ceiling fan brushCeiling fans are a fantastic addition to any room, particularly in the hot summer months when a gentle breeze is exactly what you need to refresh yourself, but the air outside is stilted and stagnant with heat.

Whilst they are relatively low-maintenance for the incredible service they provide, ensuring that your ceiling fans are kept clean can not only save you money, in terms of possible damages, but it will provide a much smoother experience and can even have some health benefits too!

Why Do You Need To Keep Your Ceiling Fans Clean?

Wherever dust or dirt collates, dust mites make their home. They can contribute to severe allergies and sinus infection and, as such, surface need to be kept clean. However, a dust-covered ceiling fan can become much more of an issue than a normal surface; when activated it can spread these mites across the entire room, scattering them across bedding, furniture and other surfaces which we spend extended periods of time on.

Though often overlooked in the day to day cleaning schedule, a dusty ceiling fan is actually a health-risk and, as such, it is essential to keep this feature free from dust mites and dirt.

Of course, even if we temporarily ignore the possible health risks, a dusty or dirty ceiling fan will often run slower and louder than a clean alternative and can, eventually, lead to motor damage. A pro-active approach to cleaning can help to keep your ceiling fan running healthily, smoothly and quietly for longer than it might otherwise do.

How To Effectively Clean Your Ceiling Fans!

  1. The first, and most obvious, step of the process is to ensure that your ceiling fan is switched off and that it isn’t switched on whilst you’re cleaning it. Not only would an active fan cause you some damage (and be really hard to clean), but any interference with a moving fan can cause severe damage to the fan’s motor or the blades themselves.
  2. It is recommended that ceiling fan blades are dusted weekly, but cleaning them at the start and then the end of your fan-usage season should suffice. If you use the fan all year round, then a thorough clean every couple of moths is enough.
  3. For the most effective clean, carefully go over the blades with a water-moistened microfiber cloth or hand towel, before repeating the process with a perfectly dry cloth.
  4. Use the clean, dry cloth to go over the motor housing and quickly wide down any pull chains which the fan might boast.
  5. Spraying the motor housing with compressed air if an excellent way to ensure the motor remains free from interior dust and grime which might be likely to result in damage.

Remember, when cleaning your ceiling fans, never to press too hard on the blades of the motor casing, never use abrasive cloths or toxic cleaners as these products can result in the discolouring of the fan blades themselves and never use alcohol or baby-wipes as these harsh compounds can stain the blades.

Creating your own anti-static spray is a good way to repel dust for longer, particularly if you rarely have the time to give your fan blades the cleaning they deserve. Mixing one part fabric-softener with four parts water and spraying over the fan blades can help to keep them clean for longer, reducing the need for frequent cleaning.

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