Saving Money With LED Downlights From Lyon Lighting

In the past, LED downlights have had a reputation for being overly expensive and not necessarily worth the price. You would have to pay to completely replace your incandescent light bulbs with them, which is seen as the only way you might be able to save enough money to notice a difference in your electrical bills. But now that LEDs are cheaper than ever there has never been a better time to make the change!


How Can LED Downlights Save You Money?

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have been criticised in the past for the ‘weaLED Downlightsk’ or ‘cold’ quality light they seem to emit. These concerns have vanished as LEDs have become more and more efficient, now easily matching traditional light bulbs in terms of light output without suffering from the same issues as incandescent bulbs do.

Early generations of LEDs were disliked for emitting more of a blue white colour than the warm yellow colour of incandescent bulbs that many people had grown accustomed to. New models are easily able to match that familiar colour amongst hundreds of others. LEDs are much easier to make into different colours than old-fashioned bulbs, which needed to be actually coated with a non-flammable substance in order to emit any other colour than the familiar yellow.

Now that LEDs have matched, and in many cases surpassed, incandescent lights, there is absolutely no reason not to change your home lighting over to more modern equivalents. LEDs typically tend to last about the same time as 40 incandescent light bulbs would, so even if the original price of installing LED downlights into your house makes you wonder if the adjustment is worth it, just think of all the money you’ll be saving on bulbs alone. Along with all the irritating labour you’ll be avoiding by not having to change the bulb 40 times, when you could only do it once, you’ll be saving money too!

Of course, LED downlights also have the advantage of being much less visible than traditional light bulbs, even though they produce the same amount of light. Seeing as they offer a much more directional kind of light, as compared to the omni-directional light of halogen bulbs, and because they are much smaller, they are easily concealable in ceilings, walls or even the floor of rooms or hallways, enabling you to avoid the ugly, bulbous protrusion traditional light fittings are guilty of and, instead, enjoy a sleek and contemporary decor.


LED Downlights From Lyon Lighting

LED Downlights have grown increasingly cheap and efficient over the past few years, having had to improve to dislodge the incandescent light bulb as the best lighting choice. Though a little more expensive at the start, LEDs can easily save you money on bulbs themselves overtime whilst improving the look of your home and massively cutting your electrical bill.

At Lyon Lighting, we are proud to offer an ever-growing and varied list of LED downlights for a wide variety of purposes. For more information, or to take advantage of our fantastic alternative lights, be sure to call us today on 0154 322 6103, or email us at

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LED Battens Vs. Incandescent Lights

LED BatternIncandescent light bulbs have been in use for over 100 years, inefficiently lighting our households and wasting energy in the form of heat and burning out faster than modern alternatives. LED Battens are replacing incandescent light bulbs as the main source of lighting for both commercial and residential properties, but are they really a better alternative?

LED Battens Over Incandescent Lights

  1. Savings – One of the main advantages LED Battens have over traditional incandescent light bulbs is that they last much, much longer. On average, an incandescent light bulb will last for a maximum of 1500 hours, but the LED alternative can last up to 60,000. That translates to one batten lasting for the same amount of time as 40 incandescent light bulbs, completely justifying the LED’s slight increase in price. LEDs also consume only a fraction of the electricity that an incandescent bulb does, resulting in much lower energy bills.
  1. No Heat – LEDs tend to be more comfortable, as they provide much less heat as compared to incandescent bulbs. This means that there is a massive reduction in the risk of accidental flames or burns, as well as not contributing to the heat of the environment. This is a huge bonus, particularly in public areas like a bar or theatre, as it stops the lighted area becoming unbearably hot.
  1. Colour – In order to change the colour of a standard incandescent light, the bulb itself has to be coated in a specific kind of non-combustible paint. Even then the effect isn’t as attractive as it could be. LEDs can come in a much, much wider variety of colours which enables them to be more acceptable in various situations.
  1. Smaller – LEDs are usually quite small, though they can be scaled up, and due to their design do not require an ugly protrusion from the surface. This makes LEDs perfect for far more situations, like downlights where they can sit in line with the ceiling without protruding. Their smaller size enables them to be installed in much more confined spaces than incandescent bulbs.
  1. Directional – LED lighting can be far more directional than traditional light bulbs, meaning that they are perfect for use as spotlights. They are also perfect for more elaborate lighting solutions, particularly in areas where it is more desirable to highlight specific features or areas of a room.
  1. Temporary – Unlike incandescent lights, LEDs do not require a constant access to the main electrical supply. LEDs can be battery-powered, meaning that they can be used for temporary lighting solutions in any environment.

LED Battens At Lyon Lighting

Though the incandescent light bulb has had a long and varied history, the invention of cheaper, more reliable and safer LED Battens means that traditional lighting options are no longer the most economic or the most effective.

At Lyon Lighting, we are proud to offer an ever-growing and varied range of LED lighting solutions for all purposes. For more information, or to take advantage of our fantastic alternative lights, be sure to call us today on 0154 322 6103, or email us at

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Creating The Perfect Bathroom Atmosphere With Mood Lighting

Bathroom Chandelier

Modern life is stressful; there’s no denying it. Thankfully, there is a way of escaping from it. Your bathroom may not seem like the best place to relax after a long day’s work, but by utilising the right design features like bathroom chandeliers, smart mirror placement, clever use of scents and breaking up the sterile environment with splashes of colour, you can turn your bathroom into your own calm island safe from the stressful waves of the outside world.



The Bathroom Design

One of the most important aspects in turning your bathroom into a safe haven is the design of your bathroom, including the colour palette, the layout and the lighting.

  • The Palette – It is important that your bathroom remains easy to clean. White is the most obvious choice. However, an entirely white room is more likely to put you in mind of a hospital ward or surgical room than the relaxing space you want to enjoy. Simply by adding little splashes of colour, even something as little as a few different tiles at regular intervals across your floor or walls can break up the monotony and make your bathroom feel more personal.
  • The Layout – Whilst you are often strapped for space in a bathroom, positioning the toilet in sight of your bath or shower is never a good idea and can act as a disruption to your chilled out atmosphere. If your toilet can be tucked away in a corner, either completely out of your view or not in a position which commands your attention, you’ll find it easier to relax.
  • The Lighting – Inarguably the most important aspect of your bathroom’s design, the lighting is the featur

    e which ties every other component together. A light with a dimming feature is the best option. They enable you to be able to turn it on to full power in the morning, making you properly alert despite how tired you might be. They are also able to emit and subtle light which can be more comfortable than the old image of surrounding your bath tub with candles.

Though LED downlights can provide a sleek, contemporary appearance and can emit a light bright enough to distinctly highlight different features of the room, a bathroom chandelier is the best option. With stylish, often traditional designs, chandeliers for bathrooms are one of the best ways to improve the appearance of your space. Whilst they can emit light in a much more omni-directional fashion than LED panels or downlights, chandeliers also appear more subtle, giving you a comfortable focus for when you are relaxing in the bath or enjoying your shower.


Bathroom Chandeliers Available From Lyon Lighting

9 light Bathroom ChandelierBy supplying a sense of elegance and glamour, bathroom chandeliers are the best way to encourage an atmosphere of calm relaxation. As the mood lighting plays over the rest of the room, you will find yourself lulled into a gentle respite from the stresses of the modern world. Blending contemporary efficiency with stylish design, chandeliers for bathrooms can transform your space from a hospital ward into a calming hot spring, right in your own home.


At Lyon Lighting, we understand just how important a lighting solution is to the atmosphere of a room, and none more so than the bathroom. For more information, or to begin searching for your perfect bathroom chandelier today, visit us online or in store, call us on 0128 382 0296 or email us at

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