TP24 Energy Saving Calculator

TP24 now offer a great little web page  that can be used to calculate how much money can be saved comparing standard halogen lamps against led and cfl energy saving lighting. This handy little calculator is free to use and gives you examples of how much can be saved by converting to TP24 energy saving light fittings. Tp24 have decided to move over to LED and now 80% of their latest range are fitted with super low energy LED.

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New Electrical Wholesale Trade Counter In Burton-on-Trent

Lyon lighting has recently opened a trade counter open to the trade and public. Wide range of products stocked, we specialise in second fix products while also supplying cable, wiring accessories.

electrical wholesale trade counter

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The Evolution Of LED Lighting

For decades, the incandescent light bulb had been, despite its faults, the most efficient light bulb available. Now with recent advances in LED technology, the halogen filament bulb is no longer the best option for lighting your home or business. LEDs are longer-lasting, directional, less expensive to maintain and multi-coloured alternatives to the incandescent options. It won’t be long before the LED panel is regarded as the common solution, and incandescent bulbs will be a thing of the past.


The Evolution Of LEDs

The knowledge that a material could emit light whilst an electrical current was being passed through it, an effect called electroluminescence, was discovered in 1907. Light Emitting Diodes were first produced in 1962 by Nick Holonyak Jr. LEDs emit a light within the visible and near-UV wavelengths, requiring much less energy than an incandescent light bulb to run. Unfortunately, the light produced through electroluminescence was very weak and didn’t inspire any additional research.

Shortly after Holonyak Jr’s discovery, LEDs became commonly used a semiconductor light source, meaning they were best used as indicator lamps in various electronic devices and, principally, as warning devices for military and commercial airlines. As technology continued to advance throughout the 1970’s, with the first yellow LED being invented in 1972, more and more colours were created. Once the newer colours became available, the demand for LEDs sky-rocketed.

Light Emitting Diodes began to be included in digital devices like calculators, digital watches and various testing devices. When the first ‘super-bright’ LEDs were invented in the 1980’s, which were brighter, cost efficient and much more stable than their ancestors, they began to be suitable for more and more applications. Finally, they have become a cheaper, safer, easier alternative to the more traditional, if inefficient, incandescent light bulbs.


Replacing The Incandescent

Though the process of LEDs replacing conventional light sources has been slow, it has been a certain one. LEDs are forever being improved upon, made more efficient and cost-effective and are manufactured in an increasingly huge range of colours. Now that LEDs can be manufactured which can produce a pure white light, in response to the ‘cold, blue’ light many users have mentioned in the past, the incandescent light bulb now has no advantage over an LED light source, like LED downlights or LED Panels.


LED Panels Available At Lyon Lighting

The latest advances in LED technology has allowed the invention and continuous improvement of products like LED Panels, which can provide a stylish, discreet alternative to either the bulbous protrusions of incandescent light bulbs or fluorescent tube grids. They can provide ideal lighting for commercial, retail or industrial premises. Contact us today to discuss business rates and bulk discounts!

As they are much more directional than other choices, LED panels boast the inclusion of smooth, clear lines which can be used to light up defined areas without the ferocity of a spotlight. With many optional features available, including dimmer switches, the LED Panel is now the most efficient light source available, enabling you to save money on energy bills, whilst enjoying a sleek and subtle design.

At Lyon Lighting, we are proud to offer an ever-growing and varied list of LED Panels designed specifically to make your home brighter and cheaper to run. For more information, or to take advantage of our fantastic alternative lights, be sure to call us today on 0154 322 6103, or email us at

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